Step Two: Preparing to Hire

Before you ever begin the hiring process, write down a Profile Sheet for each new Team member, detailing specific duties you want them to perform.  And be as detailed and specific as possible.  Don’t just put “write copy” beside “Task # 1”; put down “write 2 eBooks, 4 work sheets, 4 checklists and 10 blog posts per month.” Then write down whether or not you expect the writer to:

  • Supply graphics to accompany their written content
  • Format copy into HTML or .PDFs

The more specific you are, the better your chances of hiring someone with those exact skills.  If you hire a copywriter and assume she’ll provide graphics or format your content into “camera-ready” format; then .PDF it for you, you may be in for a rude awakening.  A true copywriter often provides only content written in .TXT format. Leaving out details like your formatting expectations provides room for disappointment and frustration on both sides. Balancing Your Budget Now that you have a list of positions you want filled and tasks you want to delegate or outsource, it’s still not time to look for the perfect personnel to fulfill these mandates. You need to make sure any hiring you do will bring a good, solid return on your investment – and that you can consistently afford to maintain wages or fees. Finally, remember that a freelance contractor will most likely be your most cost-effective hiring solution, if yours is a small, online service business.  With regular employees, you need to worry about taxes, benefits and government requirements:  Outsource contractors take care of their own taxes and needs.

  1. Determine the amount you can currently allot to outsourcing or hiring
  2. Familiarize yourself with rates for the professionals you have decided you need
  3. Determine:
  • How much money per month you can allow each team member
  • Whether or not you’d prefer to pay
    • hourly
    • per project
    • monthly
    • per package
  • How many hours per month you can afford, based on current rates

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