Changing my mindset changed my business

Last month UVA saw the highest profits its ever seen since I started the business, nearly 9 years ago. One thing that I believe contributed to my increased revenue is the change in my mindset over the years.

Did you know that your mindset could be keeping you from financial success?

The sad news is that a defeated or negative mindset keeps many people from even trying to reach their goals.

It involves negative thoughts and actions that make you feel unworthy or guilty. It derails others who get so far and then give up or become discouraged. I have also suffered from a negative mindset and have wanted to “throw in the towel”.  Honestly, I believe everyone goes through these periods, whether in their business or personal life.
Sometimes you can go years without noticing the negative mindset you may have developed over time.

Some people may be satisfied with financially scrapping by. They have enough money to pay the bills and a bit left over to see a movie. They’re perfectly happy with the daydreams of success. They don't have the mindset for true, monetary success. People say they are going to start a business, lose weight, become a minimalist, give up Starbucks, but their actions tell a different story.

I know for me, being debt free IS monetary success. Being able to afford to have a personal cook, personal assistant and housekeeper is something I have been striving for. Being able to travel is also something I have strived for. Because of my mindset, I have worked with my husband to become almost totally debt free. Very soon, I will have these things I mention and I won’t ever have to worry that I don’t have enough money to get by day by day.

You must learn how you can manipulate your mindset to stop complaining. For me, this was a hard one. I used to be surrounded by people who were always complaining. Before I knew it, I was always complaining too. It took my husband to point it out to me that it was wearing off on me. Isn’t it amazing how our environment and the people we spend time with can affect us in such a negative way?

Once you stop complaining, you can move toward the achievable goals you have set for yourself. Then opportunities will appear that will help you cultivate an abundant mindset.

It's time to squash the way of thinking that will lead you nowhere.

Recognize Negative Mindset Traits You May Foster

You may recognize negative mindset traits in others more than yourself. This is because you’re used to your own rhetoric. How often have you been around super negative people who focus on the bad rather than the good? If you aren't careful they can drag you on a downward spiral right along with them.

They’re certainly not fun to be around and it’s doubtful they’re very productive – negative people usually aren’t. Ask yourself, are you subjecting yourself to a negative mindset? Is that keeping you from reaching your goals? Examine your own thought patterns.

“I’ll never succeed like that person”. “I know I’m going to fail”.“I have no confidence or experience”. These negative thoughts will set the stage for failure before you even begin.

Why should anyone be willing to pay you for guidance when you don’t even trust yourself?

Because of that low self-worth and negative thinking, you may not be willing to invest in your future. Invest in yourself by making time to take a course or to pay someone, like a mentor or coach who can help you succeed. Stop floundering in your own self-pity.
Stop comparing yourself to the Joneses!!

Another negative mindset trait to be aware of is focusing on what you don’t have rather than what you do have and what knowledge you possess. Take the control of your own path to success and destiny. It took your colleagues, mentors, competitors years to get to where they are now. I am sure they had lots of failures along the way to their success. It is time to move forward.
Rather than being confident and secure in the career you’ve chosen, you may fear the outcome. So much that you never begin or waste time wallowing in despair rather than finding hope for the future.
You become a victim rather than fighting for what you deserve. Some negative mindset problems begin with the past. If you can’t let go of a painful situation that happened in the past, you may have difficulty finding success.
This is typical of thinking with so much negativity that you can’t be productive and build for the future.

Another negative mindset trait is when you feel guilt and regret. In reality, you should feel good about what you have accomplished. Be proud of yourself. Give yourself a pat on the back.
Let go of the blame and become more compassionate toward yourself. Focus instead on making a positive impact on the lives of others. Your negative mindset can’t last long when you harbor a positive outlook on life.
How has your mindset affected your life? Let me know! I would love to hear from you.
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