5 Ways to Get Ideas for Content From Your Competitors


Your competitors can be another great source of ideas for your content. (DO NOT STEAL THEIR MATERIAL)

Subscribe to their blogs and follow them on social media to see what kind of content they share.

5 Ways to Get Ideas From Their Content:

  1. Take your own angle. See how your competitor solved your customer’s problem and offer your own unique solution.
  2. Take the opposite angle. You can experiment with taking the opposite angle they took and see if this yields any new ideas.
  3. Fill in the gaps. Look at areas within your topic that your competitor isn’t covering.
  4. Go into greater detail. Find a topic they touched on and go deeper into it.
  5. Switch up the format. Take a topic idea and present it (with your own ideas) in a different medium; for example, get an idea from a blog post and make a video about it.

The key to producing good content this way is that it’s unique. You’re not copying your competitor – you’re simply using their ideas to inspire your own. This can also be called swipe copy.

This is also an effective way to learn about your audience. You can look at comments, shares, and other engagement to find out what they respond to best.

When looking for topic ideas from competitors:

  • Social media is a goldmine. Look at their posts and see what they’re talking about.
  • Get ideas from as many sources as possible to diversify and keep from copying.
  • Check out books that are selling on Amazon or at your local bookstore for ideas.

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