6 Ways to Beat Content Boredom


Once you get into the flow of creating content, you might find yourself running out of inspiration. Here are some ideas to help keep it fresh and beat the boredom.

1.Mix it up

Identify different types of content to create and mix them up on your calendar. For example, publish a blog post on Monday, a video on Wednesday, a visual on social media on Thursday, etc.

Diversify your topics too so that you have the most variety possible.

2. Keep expanding into new areas

Get your calendar going, but also make it a point to try out new ideas on a regular basis. Explore new media and topic areas within your niche

3.Do a series

One way to keep things interesting is to create a series. Take a big topic and break it down into logical steps or chapters.

4.Create holiday content

Create timely content for each important holiday. This is not only a great content idea but also gives you SEO benefits as people will be searching for seasonal topics.

5.Get ideas far afield

Look to other niches or industries for ideas. Sometimes a totally random piece of content on another topic will present a unique idea.

6.Take the opposite angle

Know what’s expected and take the opposite angle. Try taking the opposite tack than what’s expected.

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