How to Get More Out of Your Content by Repurposing


Need ideas for new content? You may have old content lying around that you can breathe new life into. You have more than you think!

Repurposing involves taking old content and altering it in some way so that you have a new, high-value piece that will engage your audience.

There are several ways you can repurpose:

1.Change the format

Take a piece and change its format. Turn articles into videos, audio into text, blog posts into tweets, and so on.

2. Expand

Take a point from one piece and expand it to a piece of its own where you can go further in depth.


Alternatively, take a collection of related articles or a series and summarize them in one.


Take several related pieces of content and put them together into a logical order to create a series or ebook. You can also do the opposite, taking a course or series and turning each module into its own piece. 

5. Update

Add new information, remove information that’s not relevant, and make any other changes to freshen up the content. 

6. Switch your angle

Take the same information but approach it from a different angle. For example, turn each part into a “step.” Turn tips that are negative and present them as “common mistakes.”

Conduct an audit of all your existing content, and see where you can apply some of these repurposing tips.

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