10 Ways to Grow Your Email List


Let's Grow Your Email List

Your email contact list is a vital part of your business if you do any marketing online. It allows you to stay connected with prospects as you develop a relationship with them over time and move some of them towards becoming customers. Here are 10 ideas on how to grow your list:  

  1. Most importantly, offer a great freebie in exchange for contact info.  Not a newsletter subscription, but an e-book, mp3, or report that solves a big problem in your target market. 


  2. Keep your signup form simple – just ask for first name and email address and include your privacy policy.  Then put the form on every web or blog page that you have. 


  3. Host summits, giveaways or webinars and require contact info to get the dial-in/login details for the call. 


  4. Have a squeeze page to promote your freebie and include testimonials from happy users and the signup box. 


  5. Submit articles to distribution sites such as EzineArticles.com and include a description of your freebie in the resource box along with the link to the squeeze page. 


  6. Add a line of description about your freebie to your email signature with the link to the squeeze page and post helpful comments on discussion boards in your target market. 


  7. Put a subscription link on every page of your newsletter. You’d be surprised how many newsletters are forwarded to non-subscribers. 


  8. Cross-promote with someone else by mentioning each other’s freebie in a newsletter or on the thank you page for your new subscribers. 


  9. Promote your freebie on Facebook either on your business page with the signup box or with Facebook paid ads targeted to your market. Also, promote on all other social media platforms you use. 


  10. Create videos to solve problems in your target market and require contact info for access to the video. 


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