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If you are anything like me, you started your online business to have more freedom & impact, right?

Unfortunately, before you can get the freedom & impact that you want & deserve you may have become totally overwhelmed by the amount of “technical headaches” that also come with starting an online business.

You realize you need to have a software for email marketing, and then a different one for sales pages, and a different one to build a website, oh and another to host your content & course videos and then a shopping cart so people can buy, and something else to create your affiliate program and it goes on and on…

Geez, even typing that out has me overwhelmed!

The truth is, it’s HARD to even learn how to use all of those tools and it gets VERY expensive, really fast which can quickly be out of budget when you are getting started.

That is exactly why I signed up for Simplero as soon as I discovered it and saw all of its functionality and capabilities, while being at a lower price point than many other platforms...which saves me a ton of money.

Let me share with you just a small taste of what Simplero does for me.

Email Marketing - There’s plenty of email marketing tools out there but many of them are not very intuitive and easy to use. I love that with Simplero I can go from idea to email to my audience within 5 minutes and the best part is, the advanced automation & email engagement features that are available too.  

You can also easily

  • Resend to people who didn't open your email

  • Target people who clicked a link in your email

  • Split-test your subject lines

  • Create templates with different branding for your different programs or audiences

  • Get reminded when it's time to write next week's newsletter

Let me tell you, those are features that make the difference between an “OK” email marketing campaign and one that engages & converts like crazy!

Done-For-You Campaigns - This is probably my favorite feature inside of Simplero because it is such a massive time saver for me.  We all know that the hardest part of getting started is…. Well, getting started haha.  With these campaigns you don’t have to spend any time building email marketing funnels, you just pick from the list and it automatically imports the entire email marketing campaign into your Simplero account.  You don’t have to spend any time wondering how long to wait until sending the next email or what kind of email should be sent next - all the hard work is done!  Here’s just a sampling of the types of done-for-you campaigns available to you.

  • Getting more subscribers on your list with a freebie

  • Selling more stuff via the Product Launch Formula

  • Promoting an offer to your existing list with an opt in campaign

  • Surveying your audience to learn what they need from you

  • And more! 

Courses, Content, Community & Membership Sites - Instead of having to pay waaaaaaay too much money for content hosting tools like Vimeo or Wistia, Simplero will host everything for you for free.  It’s simple to create your entire course or membership site inside of Simplero and it’s not only simple for you, it’s simple for your customers to access.  You don’t have to worry about whether your customers get their login info like you do if you try to sell courses & memberships elsewhere; it's all simplified with Simplero.

OK I know I am going on and on about my favorite Simplero features so I am going to wrap this up but not before I talk about one of my favorite aspects of Simplero - their Affiliate Portal.

One of the primary ways that my clients grow their businesses is through affiliates, which essentially means, their clients/customers who love their products are able to promote their products for them and whenever they send them a customer they earn a commission

It’s a win/win/win and affiliate programs are SO amazing… It's basically like free money. The problem is, I have never found a good affiliate tracking system that didn’t cost a ton of extra money and was easy to use. That’s why I was elated when I found out that Simplero has an awesome affiliate program already included within my Simplero account.

Once again, this saves me from having to learn how to use another software AND saves me a ton of money.

So there you have it.  There’s a new epic tool in town and it’s not just me who is a raving fan. If you want an easier way to grow your online business and are NOT a “techie” and want to not only save time but save a TON of money - you’d be silly to not give Simplero a try.

Click here to claim a FREE 14 day trial so you can see for yourself.

What do ya got to lose?


Are You Ready?

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Jeanette Ortega, the founder and CEO of Ultimate Virtual Solutions, helps business owners tame the chaos of running a business in today’s world. Jeanette has more than 20 years of experience providing coaches, authors, speakers, entrepreneurs, and digital marketers with the technical support needed to run a sustainable and successful online business. She has a special passion for helping women succeed in business. Her strategic expertise in the Simplero platform, plus a B.A. in Applied Management and extensive virtual assistant experience, means Jeanette can help lead your business to success. 

Learn more at and connect with Jeanette on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.


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