Laser-Focused Email Marketing

How Can You Better Laser-Focus Your Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a hot topic online today. “The money is in the list” is a popular phrase that every online business owner has heard.

This is true. However, a lot of people wrongly focus on getting the biggest list possible, instead of a focused list.

Having a targeted list is critical. A list of 100,000 people that never buy from you does you no good. On the other hand, if you have a list of 400 hyper-responsive prospects, who are read…

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How to Capture More Leads on Your Website

What’s the Number One Thing your Website Needs to Capture More Leads?

If you answered, "more traffic" or "more comments on my blog posts," you'd be in good company. But you'd be wrong. In fact, the only thing your website needs is to capture more leads. Generating leads for your business is a website's main function.

Capturing more leads isn’t brain surgery or rocket science. It takes some clarity, a website that’s set up to drive leads, and a little hard but creative work.

Get Clear on Wha…

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How to Get People to Open Your Emails

Getting People to Open Your Emails is the Crucial First Step 

Using subject lines the right way can greatly improve the number of people who actually open and read your emails. Unless your subscribers open the email, they can’t read and act upon the goodies inside, right?

What do your subject lines say to your readers? Are they dull and make your subscribers head for the delete button? Or do they POP and make them want to read further?

If you’re struggling to get your emails opened, there’s…

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4 Ways to Get More Eyes on Your Live Videos

How to Get Eyes on your Livestreams

Live, streaming video is the hottest new thing for marketing your coaching or service biz, but if you can’t get eyes on your video, it won’t work as well as it could. And let’s face it; traffic is the toughest nut to crack, no matter which technique you’re using.

Here’s how to easily draw a crowd to your next live video event.

Promote Ahead of Time

This is key. You have to build a buzz about your live video. While you can (and sometimes should) go live i…

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Yes! Live Video Does Matter.

Video Does Matter!

Have you been ignoring video, hoping it will just go away? Or worse, thinking you can accomplish the same goals without it?

I’m here to tell you, video is going nowhere. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, and thousands of hours of video are uploaded each and every day. Video clips on social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter enjoy far more engagement than do plain text or even image-based updates. And when it comes to training programs, most peop…

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3 Tips for Better Live Videos

How to Get Better Live Videos

Live video is clearly the hottest thing since Facebook, and marketers in every niche are taking advantage by hosting their own events.

Some of them are good. They’re well attended, fun to watch, and you feel like you benefitted from attending. But some of them feel like they’re an afterthought, put together at the last minute, and don’t really bring out the best in the host.

If you’re thinking of hosting a live video event, you don’t want to fall into that latt…

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6 Tips to Make Email Marketing Work for You

Making Email Marketing Work for YOU Doesn't Have to Be Difficult

Believe it or not, email marketing is still one of the most effective forms of online marketing. It's one of the few marketing methods that gets you up close and personal with your audience on an individual basis.

Some business owners feel they should give up on email marketing, but nothing could be further than the truth. The money is still in the list and that's not changing anytime soon. But, there are some tricks to making …

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10 Ways to Grow Your Email List

Let's Grow Your Email List

Your email contact list is a vital part of your business if you do any marketing online. It allows you to stay connected with prospects as you develop a relationship with them over time and move some of them towards becoming customers. Here are 10 ideas on how to grow your list:  

  1. Most importantly, offer a great freebie in exchange for contact info.  Not a newsletter subscription, but an e-book, mp3, or report that solves a big problem in your target market. 


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3 Key Foundations of Email Marketing Success

Email Marketing Success 

Marketing your business with email isn't just for the big companies. Everyone with a business should be using email to market your products and/or services—or you risk leaving a lot of revenue on the table.  

It's easier than you think to get started. Focus on optimizing these three components of email marketing to get the most return for your efforts. Set these up properly, and you'll have a good foundation for email marketing success. 

Your Newsletter Signup 


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Powerful List Building Made Simple

How Do You Make Powerful List Building Simple 

One of the hardest things in business is actually drumming up the business. Whether online or off, you need people to DO SOMETHING if you want your business to be a success. For an online business, one way to reach the people that will be most interested in your product or service is through list building. 

What is List Building? 

In the fewest words possible, list building is the process used to create an inventory of people who fit the niche …

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5 Tips to Help You Stay Focused on Your Goals

5 Tips to Help You Stay Focused on Your Goals 

Setting goals can be effortless. It’s not hard to think up or even write your goals down.

Achieving them, on the other hand, can be a bit of a challenge.

In order to reach your goals, you must maintain your focus on the end result, especially when things get rough. Here are some tips to help you stay focused on your goals.

1. Create a visual reminder. 

A wish book contains pictures, personal reflections, and other notes related to the finished …

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How Building a Business is Like Farming

Business Building is Like Farming?

Many people don't know that my husband grew up on a farm and ranch and our dream is to live that way once again.

What many people also don't know, is that running a successful farm has a lot of similarities to running a successful business.

Do you think all a farmer has to do is wait until fall to harvest truckloads of delicious tomatoes or corn or squash? Think again! That farmer has worked hard all year long to prepare for that week or two of reward.


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